Rules and FAQs

General Info


  • The competition is free to enter
  • Anyone between the ages of 14 and 30 is welcome to take part in the competition.
  • Books entered into the competition MUST NOT be already published with their own ISBN. We will accept drafts that have not yet been printed by the time of the competition.
  • Each person may submit an unlimited number of applications. You may submit work to several categories, or several pieces to one category.
  • While submitting your work, you must fill out all the fields required and select a category. Applications must be filled out in English.
  • Each category will have one winner. The competition’s top prize is the Grand Prix
  • Unfortunately, any failure to comply with the rules or technical requirements will result in your work being disqualified.

Please download and familiarize yourself with the Official Rules of the competition.


Visual Concept Layout and Typesetting Illustration Cover

Competition dates

24th January – opening for submissions 10th May – deadline for submissions 4th August – announcement of the finalists 23rd October – awards ceremony

By entering into this competition you automatically:

  • Agree to the rules set by the competition
  • Agree for your personal details to be used by us
  • Confirm that this is your work
  • Take full responsibility for third-party claims of ownership
  • Allow your work to be evaluated by the competition judges
  • Allow us to use your work for PR purposes
  • Allow us to publish your work in the competition catalogue

Technical requirements

File format

  • jpeg (maximum quality, no compressed files) for all documents entered into the Cover, Illustration and Visual Concept categories.
  • pdf for files entered into the Layout and Typesetting categories.

File resolution

300 dpi on a 1:1 scale


Original size with a resolution of 300 dpi

Naming your file

Files should be named according to the following format: FullName_Project_01, where FullName should be replaced by the name and surname of the participant (in latin characters), Project should be replaced with the name of the project (in latin characters), and 01 should be the number of the image in the file.

Number of files

  • In all categories apart from Layout and Typesetting, you are limited to 10 files only.
  • For the category Layout and Typesetting you can send a pdf in its original size.
  • For Visual Concept, you can enter 10 images alongside a pdf of the whole book, if you have one.

Folder format for entry

You must archive all files in one .zip folder and label it according to the format FullName_Project (as above).

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